About the Portland Education Association

The Portland Education Association has been representing educators professionally and through collective bargaining agreements since the early 1970s. The PEA represents the teachers (pre-k, k-12, vocational, and adult), social workers, librarians, nurses, school counselors, therapists (physical, occupational, and speech), psychological examiners, educational technicians, language facilitators who are committed to improving the academic achievement of the students of Portland Public Schools. The PEA is the largest local educator professional association in the state of Maine with well over 700 members. We have a long, strong history of membership advocacy, leadership on professional issues, and partnership with the school district in areas of educational reform. There are many ways to participate in the Portland Education Association. We invite you to join and become actively involved in your professional association!
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NE TURN pic - March 20 conference in Cambridge, Mass

Current Issues:

  • Voucher Systems
  • No Child Left Behind legislation
  • Social Security Penalties
  • Windfall Elimination Provision
  • Government Pension Offset
  • Retirement --increased medical insurance coverage , elimination of the two-tier retirement system (The Cliff)
  • School Funding
  • The PEA was instrumental is submitting and passing legislation many years ago regarding teachers determining the final grades of students (MSRA 20-A 4708)
  • Endorsing candidates to our local School Committee and City Council